The Environmentalists

Performed by YEP (Young Everyman & Playhouse Theatre)
Directed by Matt Rutter
Liverpool Everyman
2nd March - 5th 2016

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The YEP and backroom staff prepared for this play, about the catastrophe facing the planet from climate change, by making the show carbon neutral by recycling the stage, costumes and props from previous productions and utilising LED lighting to lessen the carbon footprint effect.

YEP director Matt Rutter stated that he "wanted to create a show that could inspire the younger generation to take action, to be more aware of the impact we're all having on our environment and to act as a collective to achieve change."

The night I went the majority of the audience were young and hopefully, as Rutter said, will be inspired to implement changes in their lifestyle in regard to the environment, given the impact the 43 cast members made in this compelling performance.

They were not preachy, not metaphorically banging people over the head with their messages and warnings, but instead interlinked serious aspects with humour and upbeat music.

The most notable sketches were humanity on trial for its treatment of the Earth, with Mr. Iceberg, who was very warm, as one of the prosecuting witnesses.

Apathy by people was illustrated by a mother telling her daughter not to worry about the environment, with the former then tuning into the brainwash box to watch Corrie.

The UN was then held up to ridicule for their inaction in regard to earth's plight when several of the cast took part in a UN Environmental Committee session, including a representative from North Korea.

As in real life they all ended up disagreeing with each other as to what course of actions to take to tackle the problem of global warming.

At one stage the point was made that people have got other things to concern and to distract them, other than worrying about the environment. In other words all they think about is themselves.

After receiving thunderous applause from the audience at the end, the thought popped into my head, how many of them would be driving home in cars, belching out poisons on the way. Quite a lot I would guess.

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