The Debt Collectors

Written by John Godber, Directed by Barrie Ryan English
Presented by The Liverpool Actors Studio Theatre
Produced by English Rice Productions
Liverpool Actors Studio
18th March - 29th March 2014

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

In a Harold Pinter-like creation two mediocre actors, although one is 'famous' for having appeared in The Bill, are down on their luck, continually 'resting.'

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so they both become employed as debt collectors, where they ironically end up stripping the theatre where their acting fortunes came to a more than predictable end, following an unsuccessful tour of The Dumb Waiter, written by surprise, surprise, Pinter!

The bleakness of their existence, as well as the people they call upon to collect debts, extends throughout the ninety minutes of the production. A woman, who supposedly owed thousands of pounds, but in fact was only £400 in debt, kills herself in a bath, while a man undergoes a sex change to avoid paying his debt.

Spud (John F Doull) and Loz (Roy Brandon) convey well the grim reality of life today in GB PC, on a small stage in the intimate setting of the Liverpool Actors Studio, with John Godber's astute script providing enough dark humour not to plunge members of the audience into total melancholia.

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