Contemporary Urban Centre
Greenland Street
3rd-27th June 2010

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

Watched over by the rather wonderful Zombie Mob, the pieces on display in the Contemporary Urban Centre's exhibition Tattwhoo are all based around the theme of tattoos. Amongst the forty pieces on display are images of actual tattoos, designs that eventually became tattoos, posters, a rather interesting manikin in the center of the display space and a revolving slide show of various tattoo images sourced from the show and our friend the internet. Yes, this exhibition is not merely a revue for painted body parts, but a conceptual look at the nature of the tattoo itself.

The good news is, it's well worth a visit and there is enough in the comparatively small gallery space to make you see tattoos in a completely new light. The bad news is that the gallery itself is so far from the centre of Liverpool as to be accessible to only the people brave enough to seek it out. Luckily, it's a nice walk and the blood and sweat it takes to get to the venue will be worth it in the end! The array of pieces from artists such as Craig Sinclair, whose work would look good on almost any torso alive or dead, Hazel Nicholls whose pieces are all very evocative and the mannequin by Penelope Teapot, stood in the centre of the gallery hands aloft in celebration of all that is tattoo are all excellent pieces in an all round excellent exhibition.

The only bad thing about this exhibition is that more humans would have made it less of a solitary experience on my visits there. Maybe it's the location or maybe it's the times I went, but this exhibition needs to hear the patter of appreciative feet that will spread the word. Needless to say, this reviewer enjoyed what he saw, and I'm sure you will too! Exercise, art and the current weather make it an ideal opportunity.

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