Star Trek (12A)

Directed by J.J. Abrams
Written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
On general release from 8th May 2009

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This imaginatively titled movie is the eleventh such film to be released since the groundbreaking TV series in the 1960s, which was comprised of often imaginatively constructed sci-fi storylines and likeable characters such as Spock, Bones, Scottie - am not sure about Captain Kirk in this respect - and the gorgeous Uhura. All this despite the very low budget they had to rely on.

Is the massive $150m spent on the current film money well spent? I think the answer is no. Although it is regarded as a tribute to the black and white small screen days of the story, it fails to hit the mark in too many respects.

Although William Shatner was not the best of actors, wooden Chris Pine is embarrassing to watch in the role of the young Kirk.

Zachary Quinto, as the fledgling Spock, looks not unlike the fresh faced Leonard Nimoy from the TV episodes , and puts in a far better performance, as he and Kirk spar with each other at the Starfleet Academy, and graduate to be part of the USS Enterprise crew.

They then battle together against the Romulans (a bunch of tattooed aliens) - who should have been more sinister and dark to give them more gravitas - in their attempts to wipe out humankind and the Vulcan race.

The movie uses a lot of special effects - surprise, surprise! - and constant switching from the present to the past to the future. In one scene young Spock meets up with the aged Spock (Nimoy) and hold a conversation as if this is an everyday occurrence. Well it is sci-fi I suppose.

One nitpicking point came early in the film when Kirk is born in space, while his father loses his life in a battle against the Romulans to save everyone on his spaceship. In an earlier film - I can't recall which - his papa was slain by hand.

Trekkies will love the film despite its flaws - they probably will not even notice them. Any bets for a sequel? Natch.

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