Through the townShoot Liverpool

Open Eye gallery, Wood Street
26th August - 5th September 2009

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

For the third year running ‘Shoot Liverpool’ - the brainchild of Shoot Experience, Shoreditch London - returned to the city to offer a day of fun, ingenuity and quirky improvisation with a camera.

In partnership with the Bluecoat venue, this event favoured enthused friends and family and budding photographers alike to conjure and compile images that represented given words and phrases from a pre-empted storyboard. This year, Bluecoat’s Phil Olsen re-interpreted the Pied Piper story and then sent teams of paying participants out onto the streets of Liverpool to fulfil the brief. At the end of the day they returned to The Bluecoat to create an exclusive photographic storyboard.

The resulting efforts of those who took part materialised into an exhibition held at Open Eye Gallery, Wood Street. The aim of this interactive photographic experience was to enjoy picture taking, improve technique and compositional skills and of course, augur creativity. There were no photographic pre-requisites necessary so absolutely anyone could participate.

The display of circa one hundred and sixty prints was somewhat vapid in appearance and the finished product in a number of cases swung to the side of uninteresting. However there were a couple of potential photographers in the fold and prizes of Olympus cameras were given to those who offered the most original and ‘implied’ creative attempt.

The artistic notion itself is fresh and far-reaching, offering huge amounts of amusement and activity to all involved. At this level, the less than dazzling exposition was ideally suited to the novice photographic viewer, however the light at the end of the lens does bode prospective future greatness for this art genre.

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