Gerard Fleming
Penny Lane Gallery
Friday 25th May to Sunday 1st July 2012

Reviewed by Gayna Rose Madder

There are so many wonderful photographs already in existence of Liverpool's wonderful architecture and seafront that it must be nigh-on impossible to present a new perspective. But this refreshing exhibition provides an unusual and sometimes wry view of the city's familiar and iconic landmarks.

Gerard Fleming is a Liverpool photographer, born and bred in North Liverpool's dockland area, where he still lives. What started as a childhood hobby, photographing local places about to be demolished before their memories disappeared altogether, turned eventually into a full time passion.

This new exhibition focuses on how Liverpool's buildings and landmarks transform in different lighting situations; the dead of night, fog, and, most spectacularly and successfully, snow.

Time-lapse exposures such as A late night on Hope Street encapsulate both an unusual view and period in one of the city's best-known and generally busiest areas, illuminated but still and quiet.

A snowy night on William Brown Street has a surreal diagonal view of our neo-Gothic art gallery which, leaving the strange colours aside, looks as though it was captured centuries ago.

And Two birds, a Daffodil and a Queen offers a clue as to the humorous eye the artist cast over his subjects. Here, he captures what may at first seem like a well-worn image, but it is from a viewpoint of a photographer with a wonderful eye for composition, as well as a one-off opportunity.

Gerard's reputation as a photographer has been growing in Liverpool and he is now at a point where his skills in demand for taking photos at events and for local artists, musicians and organisations.

He has had his photographs published in several books and his solo exhibitions have proved popular.

This not-to-be-missed exhibition is held at the lovely Penny Lane Gallery. Situated itself in Liverpool's most memorably named road, it features a varied range of traditional and cutting-edge work, mainly locally themed or sourced.

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