I Know All The Secrets In My World

Produced by Tiata Fahodzi and Watford Palace Theatre
Unity Theatre, Liverpool
10th February 2016

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

A silent, physical play would not normally be my cup of tea, I’m normally a big believer in the power of words to explain feelings and emotions. After seeing this performance– I take that back.

Never have I seen such raw emotions portrayed – either with words or without. Solomon Israel (father) and Samuel Nichols (son) completely took my breath away.

The play shows us father and son grieving at the loss of their wife and mother, and struggling to find the words needed to talk to each other and bridge the gap she once filled.

A once playful relationship turned cautious and unnerved needed no words to show their loss. It was etched into every movement, every look. I fear this play will haunt me, it was so brilliantly done.

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