National Sculpture Prize Exhibition

Bluecoat Display Centre, School Lane
14th August - 25th September 2010

Reviewed by Gayna Rose Madder

The National Sculpture Prize 2010 is about giving sculpture in Liverpool a platform on a national level. It arose from discussions with sponsor John Malthouse about the need to include 3D work within the broad framework of Liverpool's Biennial celebrations.

The second instalment of this competition - created by the Bluecoat Display Centre to hunt out innovative artists at any stage of their careers - follows the success of the inaugural event in 2008. The six shortlisted artists are eligible for a £1,000 cash prize, and all currently have their work on display in the gallery. The winner of the cash prize will be announced on Friday 10th September.

This is a fascinating, eclectic collection which is well worth a visit. Nicolas Moreton's giant stone structure (above) fronts the show, looking like a huge egg from a prehistoric creature - until, on closer inspection, one sees the immense amount of meticulous attention and labour which has gone into the creation of this monolith. Unusually, the artist encourages visitors to touch the work and closely inspect the subtle lighting (which also heats the piece), changing its appearance at different times of day.

In complete contrast, Caren Hartley's intriguing collection of ostensibly household items utilises forms which look familiar but creates them from unexpected materials. Glasses made of wax or bronze teeter on slender, extended stems or bend and tip uncertainly, rendering the homely somewhat sinister and disturbing.

Continuing the theme of apparently functional objects that confuse and question is Maya Selway's precious metal bowl which appears to be designed for use, and is influenced by Japanese ceramic and lacquered art.

All of the works exhibited here express unique viewpoints which succeed in defying obvious comparisons.

This competition is a groundbreaking step for Liverpool. There is a 'People’s Choice Award' in which visitors can make their personal choice. Don't miss the chance to see this unique selection of works, and have your say.

The six shortlisted artists are: Katriona Beales, Caren Hartley, Nicholas Lees, Nicolas Moreton, Mari-Ruth Oda and Maya Selway.

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