Scouse of the Antarctic

Showing at the Royal Court
21st November 2014 to 17th January 2015

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

The Royal Court is known for its daft Christmas shows, and this year's offering proved not to be an exception. With talking polar bears, singing penguins and a foul mouthed Evertonian snowman, the stage was set for a silly but fun Christmas show.

Jimmy, played by the always wonderful Michael Starke, is the Hawaiian shirt wearing Scouser, living peacefully and more importantly student-free in the North Pole. His peace is interrupted by Russian and American submarines coming to stake their claim in the North Pole and its oil/gas reserves. This creates perfect timing for law student and environmentalist Daisy to wander in, played by the supremely talented Haley Hampson. Hampson's voice is always show stealer, even in the chorus her vocals stands out. Lindzi Germain and John McGrellis are perfect as warring sub captains, and Germain has a presence onstage that is mesmerizing. However their subordinates, Kowalski and Bolokov, both played by Michael Fletcher are beyond hilarious! Watch out for when the two characters played by one man argue… Fletcher really shows his comic potential here!

The stand out performances are that of the polar bear couple, Jason and Kylie, played by Helen Carter and Michael Ledwich. The comedy they brought to their performances is what made the whole show enjoyable. Again, watch out for their Bolero aka Bear-lero - pure comedy gold! They had the entire audience in stiches!

If you are prepared to follow Jason's advice and "suspend disbelief", then embrace the silliness of taking polar bears, Hawaiian shirts in the show, grumpy snowmen and all the spectacular Christmassy goodness wrapped up for you in Scouse of the Antarctic - you won't be disappointed!

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