Robin Ince

The Importance of Being Interested
Showing at Unity Theatre
10th September 2013

Reviewed By Jennifer Keegan

Robin Ince managed to build up his entrance onto the stage with the help of a large screen and PowerPoint; so before he even walked out the audience had an idea of the nature of his show and his style of comedy. At first I was concerned that maybe his show might have a target audience; with Ince being a science enthusiast and perhaps his stand up might not be as universal other comedians shown at Unity Theatre. Luckily Ince was instantly likeable for all his passion and even if the odd science based joke slid quietly over my head, I still found his show enjoyable and thought provoking.

At times, perhaps he ventured into humorous lecturer rather than stand up comedian, but his observations kept even us ‘non science enthusiasts’ interested. To have our general lack of interest highlighted was remarkable, as Ince pondered where along the route it became a bad thing to ask questions and not know the answers to things, certainly made me think and prompted a wonderful discussion on the way home after the show. Ignorance is something that we as a society think we cannot tolerate; but to be able to admit we are ignorant about certain things and its simply impossible for one person to know everything and anything about any given subject at any given time is laughable – and that where Ince soars.

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