The Red Suns/Slow Panda

Glassfire, Albert Road, Hoylake
20th September 2012

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

Despite appearance to the contrary, the Wirral is in parts a very happening place. One such area is Hoylake, sleepy shopping district by day and full of small bars and venues on the weekend evenings. One such venue, tucked into a corner just by the station is Glassfire. On a chilly evening I ventured out to see local band The Red Suns (right) play a well attended local gig.

As the venue filled with locals the atmosphere was hotting up and when support band Slow Panda made their way to the stage the crowd drew forward making the intimate space of the venue seem even busier. In averse to the implications of their name the band are neither sloth-like or endangered and (despite some occasionally overbearing reverb) their mostly instrumental psychedelic rock went down very well. They did a lot with their triple-primed weapons of drums, bass and guitar and their set - most notably the slow build up of 'Vanilla' to a near thrash - was excellent.

They made a perfect companion to the main band The Red Suns (pictured), coming as ever to the stage with a ninja-like grip to their sound. With beeps and feedback aplenty it was business as usual as they played what was seemingly their longest set with some quieter moments as well the usual psychedelia infused epics. The quieter, more reflective moments were effective in their placing, putting the sharp reverb of their muscular sound into relief. Recent single 'Racing Cars' was a highlight among many, and although the band were also victims of the echoey sound of the venue on occasion, this was a perfect reason to venture beyond the curtain of sleep to a truly unique venue.

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