Quartet (12A)

Directed by Dustin Hoffman
On general release from January 1st 2013

Reviewed by Diane Jansen 09/01/2013

Sentimentality or sickly sweet?

The Quartet was based on a play and was brought to life by Dustin Hoffman age 75 in his first directing role.

Starring Pauline Collins, Billy Connolly, Tom Courtney, Trevor Peacock, David Ryall, Maggie Smith and Sheridan Smith.

The film is set in Beecham House which is a posh retirement mansion home for musicians and opera singers who all have their own egos.

Each year on Guiseppe Verdi’s birthday the residents hold a concert to raise funds for the home.

Sheridan Smith plays Dr Lucy Gogan who is in charge of the residents which is not quite believable. Pauline Collins is Cissy who is developing Alzheimers. Also her two close friends Reg played by Tom Courtney and is quite trendy and Wilf played by Billy Connolly, who flirts with everyone and gets away with it but he comes across quite seedy.

The camp organiser of the event is Cedric played by Michael Gambon who sashays round in silk robes.

A reluctant Jean who needs a hip replacement and has fallen on hard times turns up at the home. She was once a famous opera singer and used to be married to Reg. The film centers on Diva Jean and trying to persuade her to sing with her old quartet Cissy, Wilf and Reg.

There are some magical moments and a lot of over acting especially from Billy Connolly who seems excited just to be working!!

A film not to be taken to seriously as I don’t think any of us will be retiring to a musical mansion where no one seems to wet themselves.

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