Pink Flamingos (18)

Written and directed by John Waters
On general release 1972

Reviewed by Hayley Morgan

John Waters' transgressive cult classic Pink Flamingos is as controversial now as it was upon its release back in '72.

The film follows Divine living under the pseudonym Babs Johnson (played brilliantly by the drag queen Divine) and her degenerate foes the Marbles who seek to covet the role of 'World’s Filthiest People', a title which rightfully belongs to Ms.Johnson. Not impressed by Divine's ‘petty crimes' and murder, they're intent on upping the ante and running an 'adoption agency', which basically involves them abducting hitch-hikers and impregnating them only to sell the babies to lesbian couples.

Flashing, and bowel movements in boxes, ensue in this perverse comedy which will have you laughing and recoiling in equal measure. Surprisingly these are the least shocking scenes in the film.

In typical John Waters fashion the film was made on a shoestring budget and with untrained actors (as were all of the early Waters films). However the unprofessional acting and awkward dialogue only adds to the charm of the film, and the crude one-liners are what really makes this a memorable movie.

Of course most people who are familiar with Pink Flamingos are aware of the infamous dog shit eating scene at the end of the film, which will no doubt have you retching.

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