Ojos de Bruyo

The Philharmonic Hall
1st May 2009

Reviewed by Sue Hunter

(“Wizard Eyes”) played a stupendous gig on the Philharmonic.

They are a ten-piece band from Barcelona who play music including flamenco, hip-hop, dub, bangra and Afro-Cuban sounds. They have won the BBC 3 World Music Award for Europe and Best European Act. They have also have kept their independence by setting up their own record label “La Fábrica de Colores”, and their songs are about life, poverty and social justice.

None of this information conveys the sheer joyfulness of their Ojos de Bruyo’s performance. Here they had a large chunk of the audience up and dancing after the third number, defying the Philharmonic “Dance Police”.

A fabulous flamenco dancer in exotic costumes stamped the stage, all kinds of drummers beat out complex rhythms, the DJ scratched and delivered the fastest rap ever, while the main singer Marina Abad poured out songs of love, anger, and humour.

It was obvious the band members all appreciated each other’s talents and skills, and they conveyed their enjoyment to the audience.

Next time Ojos de Bruyo visit Liverpool – don’t miss them.

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Comment left by Wizzard's eyes on 10th June, 2009 at 21:34
er, it's actually Ojos de Brujo with a J (Brujo=Wizzard)