New Worlds Exhibition

British Art from the 60s and 70s
Kirkby Gallery, Kirkby Centre, Norwich Way, L32 8XY
Until 14 May 2016

Reviewed by JJ Schaer

'New Worlds' is a current exhibition located within the Kirkby Centre. It collects a series of works from the 1960s to 1970s by a number of notable British artists. It was during this period that Kirkby was being built up as a 'New Town'. The collection reflects the creativity that was brewing during the conception of Kirkby itself.

Whilst the gallery is a modest affair, it has to be said that the pieces on show are truly impressive with a number of famous artists on show. The works are curated beautifully and are truly definitive of the period.

There are Hoyland and Frost's psychedelia pieces which sit well next to a series of optical illusion pieces by Bridget Riley. A Henry Moore sits opposite another sculpture, both suggestive of certain parts of the female form. There is a walk through Americana with a frenetic David Hockney piece showing a homunculus version of himself screaming whilst waving an America flag, this in between collages featuring Marilyn Monroe and The Beach Boys.

With some minimalist industrialised pieces by Kneal and Evans capping it off. All in all there is a number of works on show by a variety of artists working in a number of mediums and genres.

The gallery itself is located within The Kirkby centre – just above the One Stop and next to the library – which is in the midst of a regeneration programme. Having never been there before it is a clearly buzzing community hub just a short walk from the train station.

It is worth the trip to see the Kirkby Thrones: huge, winged, upholstered chairs serving as sentries to the changing square outside.

The exhibition continues until the 14th of May, is free of charge and an absolute must see.

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