Never Again

Sola Arts
Liverpool Guild Of Students
8th-16th March 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

“Sola Arts are delivering an exhibition in the community bringing together refugees, asylum seekers and artists. The exhibition is called 'NEVER AGAIN Part 2: A Genocide Experience'.”

This is what I got sent in an email. If you really go there and see all the pictures, installations and other artwork, it is overwhelming. You meet the people, the artists are asylum seekers/refugees, you talk to them and they explain. Most of them shyly, but you can still see they are proud of their work. People from Eritrea, Afghanistan, Russia, Tibet and England – just to name a few, came together and created.

There was spontaneous poetry reading (including original material) and at the end of the opening evening everyone was asked to light a candle to think of all the victims of genocide all over the world.

Don’t miss these powerful pieces of art. They are only on display for a short while, until the 16th of March. A brilliant exhibition.

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