Written by and songs composed by Lizzie Nunnery
Directed by Hannah Tyrrell-Pinder
Liverpool Playhouse Studio
8th September - 19th September 2015

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

in the very intimate setting of the Playhouse Studio - you can literally stretch out a hand and touch one of the actors in this production - Narvik is aptly suitable to the venue, given its subject matters.

It is a complex story of decisions one makes, and in some cases, come to regret, particularly in relation to love affairs.

But that is what life is about - weighing up the pros and cons of people, situations, and the pursuit of happiness and contentment on various levels.

Narvik is mainly set during the Royal Navy's Nordic campaign during World War II and the ever-present danger of being torpedoed in the water by German U-boats.

The play is mainly centred around the memories of Liverpudlian Jim (Joe Shipman), who falls in love with Oslo-based teacher Else (Nina Yndis), the latter giving a charismatic performance.

The time-frame switches from that time to the present day, with Jim now a very elderly pensioner.

The flashbacks occur on a regular basis, with each one adding to our understanding of the character and motivations of Jim, including his troubled times with Else.

The narration, penned by Lizzie Nunnery, who also composed the music featured in Narvik, is of a high order, with barely a wasted word being expressed.

She also appears in the play as a sailor and a engine room operative, as well as performing songs and music, along with Martin Heslop and Vidar Norheim.

Nunnery has described Narvik as a play with music, rather than a musical, because she did not want people turning up to see it thinking it's the Lion King!!

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