Move Over Moriarty

Presented by LipService Theatre
Unity Theatre, Liverpool
14th - 16th January 2016

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This spoof on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson has been going the rounds in various theatres for nearly ten years, so the two actors playing the roles are well versed in how to portray their particular slant on the characters.

They are played by two women, Maggie Fox (Holmes) and Sue Ryding (Watson), who also wrote the piece. They have been writing and performing together for over thirty years. Not surprisingly then that their comic timing was as sharp as a pin.

You see them in various locations, 221b Baker Street, in a travelling railway carriage, in the the middle of Dartmoor and at the Music Hall at the Strand Theatre.

This is presented via the use of a well designed set that, when not used as their home residence, is joined together in a triangular shape and moved around the stage, when appropriate, by the two participants.

They also depict the Scottish housemaid, Mrs Hudson, at Baker Street, Music Hall singers, the Motherless young twins, who performed a gawd awful song, and most prominently Mrs Shotoff (played by Maggie Fox), who hired Holmes to take on his next case following his near-death encounter with Moriarty.

As in keeping with the madcap nature of the production his new investigation was the Garibaldi biscuit affair.

Tiny puppets atop the stage design were also used to add more visual spark to this scintillating show.

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