Mixed Blessings at the Brink

The Brink
Thursday 19th March

Reviewed by George Balmer

The evening of Thursday 19th March saw M.I.X. (the Philosophy in Pubs offshoot eclectic blues/rock/folk/... band) gave their first public performance at The Brink.

Football on the big screen delayed proceedings, although several of the band seemed happy to watch the game. Unfortunately by the time the match finished and M.I.X. took to the stage, band members outnumbered the audience. Their set began with 12 bar blues and ended, appropriately, with 'It's All Over Now'. They were a bit rough around the edges but generally gave a commendable performance, considering most of the members have only been playing guitar for a few months.

Apart from a couple of false starts they were quite good and demonstrated a ballsy 'have a go' attitude from a nice bunch of people, let's say, more likely to have bus passes than student cards?

We look forward to their next appearance. If anybody is interested in joining, M.I.X. rehearsals take place at The Ship & Mitre on Dale Street, Fridays 1-3pm. Everybody is welcome, regardless of ability, and there's no obligation to perform anywhere ('Though it's great fun and you'll learn a lot about 'show-business!').

Thanks to David Barnicle and The Brink staff for their support and encouragement.

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