The Miners Strike 1984-1985

© John Harris | of Photographs on the 30th Anniversary of the 1984-1985 Miner's Strike
Fallout Factory Gallery, 97 Dale Street, Liverpool
Until Saturday 4th October 2014

Reviewed by John Owen

A visually impressive chronological record of the miners strike documented in superb style with iconic scenes photographed as the occurred in 1984 to 1985, a year long duel of miners versus the Thatcher govt.

For those too young it well to remember they like the sun nick named Argies or Argentina who beaten in a crazy war over the Falklands inhabited by penguins sitting on billions in oil, as it turned out. They had become the enemy within a force to destroy not to be negotiated with. This is the subject matter of the digital record media groups display run by John Harris.

The whole process from the decision to call the dispute to the end final surrender and march back to work. With banners held high and proud, beaten not so much by Thatcher has the trade union and labour movement. That failed to pull out all the stops in the battle to beat Thatcher. She proceeded immediately onto the print unions at Wapping. for a similar year long tough it out dispute until the unions wee removed fro the face of the earth their and Murdoch's empire began in earnest in Britain.

The politics aside, it is a great art exhibition of images, stark phantoms cast on the industrial landscape of a disappeared Britain that is no more and would never return.

See it now, while you can and help it stay longer in Liverpool, here were the unemployed helped through donations to send money and food to the miners, keeping them going after welfare payments and strike pay were halted after assets seized by Tory courts despite hardships and strife they fought on a year under a virtual police dictatorship.

An interview with the photographer John Harris will follow shortly.

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