Mindplay - Series 1

Exhibition at The Corke Gallery, 296-298 Aigburth Road, L17
10th- 25th June 2015
(Artworks will continue to be displayed throughout July)

Reviewed by Gayna Rose Madder

Be Dazzled!

This exhibition is unusual to say the least. Even walking into the gallery one cannot fail to be taken aback by the sheer visual impact of the paintings displayed, including over 20 original works by the artist Jules Ward several of which include fluorescent paint, and have a quite spectacularly mobile effect.

Initially seeming to fit into a 'pop-art- genre, the show turns out to have been inspired by her travels in Australia and the Bush Medicine Leaf paintings of Gloria Petyarre, winner of the highly prestigious Australian 'Wynne Prize' for Best Australian Landscape Painting in 1999 titled ‘Leaves’.

Jules Ward 'Big Little Dream'

Several of the painting are enclosed in a darkened room and take on a 3-dimensional look when illuminated, with a sense of movement which draws the viewer into the piece. Also featured is a specially commissioned Fender guitar featuring a design by Jules painted in acrylic Tamiya, lacquered and finished with gold hardware.

Jules, originally from Liverpool, moving to London as creative director of a small Soho advertising agency, but gave this up to start an audio production company called ‘Spark and Rumble’ with Matt, now her husband.

She says: "My ‘Mindplay’ series of paintings evolved after a trip to Australia to visit family, where I was introduced to the ‘dark side’ of Aboriginal art; a lesser-known style called ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ that used free-flowing patterns which , though simple, I came home and was inspired to try the style myself'".

She has since adapted the style to develop depth and create an optical, 'glow-in-the-dark' illusion of real movement and work which changes in different light conditions by experimenting with UV, reflective, and fluorescent paints.

Jules now live in Kent with her family, but her Mum is still in Liverpool - hence this exhibition, which is shared by the work of Tony Kenny, a sculptor whose work arises from recycled materials.

Though he works full time, Tony started to look for ways he could use the waste from his wood burner, consisting mainly of potash (for the compost heap!) and large amounts of nails from the old wood used.

Tony Kenny 'Chimera'

Tony says: "Thinking of a way to use these artistically, I started making simple items that I welded together, then bent or twisted to make different shapes, using copper plate some to give a nicer finish"

The result is a collection of works which range from startlingly imaginative, through humorous, to incredibly delicate. Among these are large spiders, and beautiful flowers, reminiscent of some Japanese modern works.

Tony makes his sculptural shapes out of sheer interest, experimenting with other materials; some of the petals and leaves of the flowers are made with old copper coins. With an interest in art dating back to his schooldays and time at Childwall college, he believes this (very original) work will continue to evolve for some time.

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Gallery Opening Times: Wed – Fri between 1pm - 5pm and By appointment.
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