The Future Is Unwritten: Meeting Joe Strummer

Written by Paul Hodson
Unity Theatre
5th March 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

Two teenagers worship The Clash, they adore Joe Strummer and every decision they make is based on the question: ”What would Joe do?”

They form a band because Joe did, write their own songs because Joe did and join protest marches, because…you know.

Nick and Steve fight because of Joe Strummer (Did The Clash sell out or not? Why did they go to the USA?) and ultimately twenty years on find themselves back together because of Joe Strummer. But now these two thirty-somethings are as far from Joe Strummer’s spirit as they can be. One is an actor in EastEnders and the other one took too many of the drugs he was pushing and was into rave parties.

This award-winning play by Paul Hodson is very funny and deadly serious at the same time. It shows that music can be so much for than just entertainment, it can influence generations and chance their lives. It can turn misery into magic and can give hope when you almost lost your dreams.

The two actors, both The Clash fans in real life, pay tribute to one of the most influential bands and musicians. I know people like myself who love Joe Strummer, and a German band The Beatsteaks even wrote a song called 'Hello Joe' for him.

Meeting Joe Strummer shows that it is never too late to change things for the better – especially when you have the right soundtrack.

Because…the future is still unwritten.

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