Euripides’ Medea

Adaptation by Jon Bibby
Produced by J.J. Bond
Company: Burjesta Theatre
23rd March-25th April (The Casa, St Luke’s Bombed-out Church, Unity Theatre)

Reviewed by Antonio Rubio

Director Julian Bond presents a very solid adaptation of this classic (and still controversial) play. Whether if you are familiar with the Greek Classics or not, you will feel a sense of empathy towards the hard work, passion and commitment that every member of Burjesta Theatre has put in this performance.

Moderated customs and absolute absence of props leads total attention to the poetic script of Jon Bibby and the actresses and actors’ notable performance, especially the Chorus, with excellent coordination of movements and speech. That is due to the director’s knowledge of classic elements which are wisely mingled with more contemporary features; Medea’s custom and sobriety (Mikyla Jane Durkan) might remind at some moments of Pasolini’s film.

Although I am not from Liverpool (nor from the UK) I can appreciate some parallelisms that exist between this performance, its strong feminist point of view and the social and historical injustices that forced women from/of this city to become more resilient, stronger, defy patriarchal norms… That is why this company has hit the mark when choosing this adaptation, using a wide range of different generations among their cast. Every single member of this company deserves at least respect and appreciation for their enjoyable artistic and educational contribution to the community.

To see Medea at one of the future performances at The Casa, St Luke’s Bombed-out Church or the Unity Theatre click here.

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