Matchbox City

The Brink, 15 - 21 Parr Street
Till 26th of October 2014

Reviewed by jjSchaer

The Brink is currently housing ‘Matchbox City’, a collection of dioramas created from basic materials that depict city scenes inhabited by matchstick men. The exhibition is placed throughout the café, the shelves being lined with the small cardboard buildings whilst some sit tucked away in the rafters, and the wooden people can be spotted hidden around the place. Some of them recreate the familiar cityscape of Liverpool, the Liver Birds and the Radio City tower showing prominence, and others show rows of well-known shops with the wooden people languishing in front of them.

The project is from Connecting Threads, founded by artists Emily Hayes and Becky Waite, who work creatively with people affected by homelessness around the North West. They hope that through the exhibition they can explore ideas concerning the current housing crisis and challenge us to face our perceptions of what we call ‘home’. It is a continuing work with pieces being added throughout its tenure at the Brink.

The exhibition is not just confined to The Brink. Some of the tiny matchstick men can be seen around neighbouring Parr Street and Bold Street. There are also similar exhibitions taking place in Rochdale and Manchester, with dates open to the public to come along and contribute to the growing city. As well as a series of online animations depicting the cities coming to life.

The exhibition is part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial and will be at The Brink until the 26th of October 2014.

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