George Dillon - Photo by Charlie BakerThe Man Who Was Hamlet

Vital Theatre (Denise Evans/Charlotte Glasson)
Unity Theatre
24th February 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

A man. A stage. A time for perfect theatre.

George Dillon is an exceptional actor. Not one mistake – he plays all the characters, which means changing pitch and the way of speaking as well as the language within split seconds.

Did Shakespeare ever write? Who was Hamlet? Did they even exist? Who was behind the name Shakespeare? Was it a collective?

Who is really telling the story here? Is it Hamlet or Shakespeare? It is not George Dillon, that’s for sure. He is all the characters he embodies on stage. This play doesn’t need a lot of props. Back to basics is the motto and so it is just the actor and a sword.

The play is especially interesting if you know the plays, as it is full of quotes and hints - funny at times and deadly serious in parts.

The music fits the scenes well and underlines the words. You can feel Dillon's commitment and enthusiasm for acting. An evening of theatrical pleasure that leaves you inspired.

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