Look Me In The Eye

Simon A Yorke
Corke Gallery, Aigburth
1st to 26th February 2011

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

If I asked you to look me in the eye, would you meet my gaze or look away?

In the classical music wrapped surroundings of the perfectly hidden - except for a big man made of plastic bottles outside! - Corke Gallery in Aigburth but a few minutes stroll from the charmingly ramshackle hub of creativity that is Lark Lane, the work of Simon A Yorke is on display in an excellently titled show Look Me In The Eye.

Consisting of only eight pieces, each a dark toned large format oil pointing and equally as impressive, the pieces are all of homeless men whom the artist saw outside London's Tate gallery. To see the strange beauty of these images is to realise that there are things in this world that we sometimes never think about, let alone notice. As it happens, there is usually a Big Issue seller outside a venue I frequent often, and I do notice him, but if I didn't see him as I left the door of the venue, would I see him at all?

To this effect, the subjects of the paintings have their eyes highlighted so as to piercing in their effect and are placed at eye level to the observer to highlight the humanity of them despite the preconceptions we may have of them. The wear and tear of the subjects existence is also much in evidence through the artists effective characterization, with one painting showing the lack of teeth in the subjects smile, and others showing the facial scars of street living.

You could almost look at the pieces and start a conversation with them in your mind the realistic style is that effective and this makes these pieces a must see if you find yourself anywhere near Aigburth or Sefton Park in the next few days. If not, then it's but a train ride away from the Center. This is a short show so get down there soon!

Visit the gallery website here for more information on opening times.

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