By Michelle Independents Biennial Exhibition

1st Floor Gostins Building, 32-36 Hanover Street, L1 4LN
18th September until 16th October 2010

Reviewed by Alice Lenkiewicz

Artists participating Karen Brookman, Lorna Bruce, Michelle Campbell, John Chatterton, Mary Christie, Emma Dalton, Anna DiScala, Dave Ellison, Gerard Fleming, Danny Hampson, Lee Kendall, James Lavott, Lauren Piercy, Micheline Robinson, Anita Smith, Keith F Smith and Oke Ugonna.

Walking into Gostins last night, I heard the quiet chatting and observed the long corridor of people who come together to celebrate the exhibitions held here on a regular basis.

A friendly atmosphere, I had a glass of wine and wandered round to look at the artworks.

I was impressed by some of the jewel like images. 'Goldtop' by Dave Ellison had a beauty and ellegance. There was a certain kind of visionary and pastoral theme running through some of these works, reminding me a little of the artist Samuel Palmer or even 18th century landscape artists.

As well as some daring and evocative paintings by James Lovot, I found myself drawn to some beautiful small photographs and drawings. I was impressed by the watercolour of Liverpool Town Hall so delicately executed. I thought for a moment that it was a photograph, although not trying to be a photograph it stood on its own ground, very original as well as a lovely drawing of Harrington Chambers, a charming framed sketch by Keith Smith. A vivid and intimate photograph of St Georges Hall from St John's Gardens, one of my favourite views and places to relax in Liverpool by Anita Smith also caught my attention.

Lovely to see these image of Liverpool and I must not forget the haunting scene of William Brown Street, 'A Foggy Night' by Gerard Fleming. All in all an exhibition that reminds people that a street scene, an image of a building, an architectural sketch can still stand their own ground amongst the challenging and ever changing works that are often exhibited.

An enjoyable viewing.

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