Little Red Riding Hood: A Rock 'N' Rock Panto

Liverpool Everyman
Directed By Mark Chatterton
Co-written by Sarah A Nixon & Mark Chatterton
Till 17th January 2015

Review by Colin Serjent
Photograph by Brian Roberts

Once again this rock 'n' roll panto, back at the Everyman, following the theatre's renovation, proved a five star affair.

As someone commented to me it is more like a party affair than a 'conventional' panto, full of outrageous gags, punch lines, double entendres galore. As a friend said, who accompanied me, and had never watched to this type of panto before, it was full of light-hearted fun.

It also did not give a single mention of the dreaded C word at this time of year. But did reference Luis Suiarez for his predilection for biting other football players!

The whole cast were stellar, including a live band, as is always the case in this surreal version of panto, comprising members who interchanged with those acting roles on stage, playing various forms of music, although this year there seemed a little less than normal rock-based material.

The whole set up, whether it be lighting, special effects and interaction with the audience - poor old 'Big John' from the front row! - was exemplary.

The screen display was riveting to watch (thanks to AV designer William Simpson), especially when Adam Keast (playing the roles of Henry, Woody and The Laughing Gnome) was featured, doing madcap antics.

Another highlight, among many, was the appearance of Keast and Francis Tucker, an ever-present in the rock 'n' roll panto, dressed as huge snowballs, who were fffffreezing cccccold.

Go along to the Everyman and have a bellyful of laughs. Nowhere else will you see the caped crusaders, Batman And Robin, appearing with Little Red Riding Hood!!

I don't normally list the full cast of a production but here goes: Red (Jocasta Almgill); Wolferine (Jonny Bower); Tom Connor (Burdock/Thor/Wooer/Oranges); Jessica Dives (Dandelion/Thee/Wooer); Zita Frith (Blanche De Winter); Sam Haywood (Skye); Ben Mabberly (Peeps/Lemons/Wooer); Adam Keast; Nicky Swift (Pippy Petal); Francis Tucker (Henrietta/BettyBerry)

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