The Lion King

The Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Director, costume design, mask/puppet co-design Julie Taymor
Music by Elton John
Till 5th July 2014

Review by Bobbi Guy (age 8)

The Lion King is a musical with lots of singing and dancing. It is the story of Mufasa the Lion-King and his son Simba. Mufasa loves his son, who is heir to his throne, and warns him not to go near the elephant graveyard. This is where all the hyenas live. The Mufasa has a brother ‘SCA’, who is very jealous of Mufasa and wants to rule his kingdom. So 'Sac', in collaboration with the hyenas, makes a plan to take the throne. He encourages Simba to go and explore the elephant graveyard. ‘ I jumped a couple of times when the hyenas ran past my seat’.

Review by Darren Guy (her dad -aged 50 something)

The Lion King is a full-on live musical with an orchestra, singing, and spectacular dancing together with magnificent scenery, masks and costumes.

Despite its 10.30 pm finish (two hours past Bobbi's bedtime) she managed to stay wide-awake throughout the whole performance and was happy to join in with the standing ovation at the end.

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