Written by Bob Eaton
Royal Court, Roe Street
20th October – 6th November 2010

Reviewed by Bob Saven

The first half hour was all The Beatles. OK, until John met Yoko and then the place rippled with energy. Yoko (Maria Lawson) smashed it! The highlight: her love, which was tangible, the hurt felt by everyone when John went on his lost weekend.

Andrew Schofield just made Lennon his own. He is a master of his craft and whatever role he takes on he brings magic and laughter to the stage. The first half hour should have been called The Beatles Story, nobody came to see that Fab Fib Four. It should have started with the words “It’s over Paul”, The Beatles are no more. Let’s have it right, there was only one Beatle, a spider, an ant, and a cockroach. It was a night well spent when we saw Mimi give John a guitar (tuned like a banjo).

The world lost one of the greatest musician/songwriters and peace lovers on December 8th 1980 - a sad day for all. I hope that fool Chapman is never released. Last year they took the computer game Guitar Hero out of his cell. How sick is he, playing the guy he shot?

Anyway, Bob Eaton won the 1986 Sunday Times award for best musical, and twenty-four years later he is still filling the seats, surely to God, that speaks for itself. So, if you ain’t seen it yet, get out and see it before it moves on, and if you miss it well, what can I say? Buy me a coffee one day and I will tell you what it was like.

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