Laurence Clark Heath Hazard!

Written by Franny Conlin
Directed by Chris Doherty
The Unity
Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

As Laurence Clark wheeled onto the stage, I was surprised to learn he had cerebral palsy, however this did not stop him from being a very entertaining and enjoyable comedian. Clark focuses on the treatment he receives from the NHS and general public throughout his set.

He relied heavily on PowerPoint and used it to show examples of pranks he had pulled and situations he had set up to highlight his points of view. The audience lapped up his style and throughout his set, he highlighted how good we have it in Britain with the NHS compared to American health insurance. He poked fun at the people who would throw money in a bucket he was holding just because he is holding it – even to the point where it is obviously a scam.

He is a very likeable comedian, with a mischievous personality, his laugh out loud expose of the heath service made for a very funny evening. Definitely a show and a comedian I would recommend.

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