Kissing Frogs

Unity Theatre, Hope Place
9th - 10th October 2015

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

Kissing Frogs is written and performed by Sophie Osbourne, telling the often funny, yet sometimes lonely tale of the single, thirty something female. Osbourne playfully brings to life the heroine of her piece, Jessica Ramsbottom, to the backdrop of classic 80s music.

A one woman show lasting about 60 minutes, Osbourne had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand, as they laughed with her and joined her for the emotional rollercoaster of dating.

From the high hopes of wishing and dreaming, to being left disappointed and lonely, her journey is beautifully played out for all to see. The empathy the audience felt was tangible, as she waited by the phone or ranted after too many drinks at her friends’ hen party – we felt her pain.

Kissing Frogs could easily be dismissed as a rip-off Bridget Jones, but something about Osbourne’s performance stops any such accusation. Her performance comes from a real place, whether that be her personally or really great research, you feel more like she is your friend confiding in you than an actor on the stage, and for that alone she fully deserved the laughter and the applause she received.

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