Jackie and Eddie. Eddie and Jackie.

A Crumbs Theatre production
Showing at Unity Theatre
2nd - 3rd August 2013

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

Jackie and Eddie Eddie and Jackie is written by Harry Sheriff and performed by Eddie Fortune and Becky Brooks. Theirs is a story about a day in the life of two struggling actors living in Dingle in Liverpool. Jackie has low self esteem and a weight problem, Eddie is trying to find inner peace through spirituality whilst writing his first novel. Their co dependant relationship is what, in reality, is holding them back, but fear leaves them clinging to each other as they navigate a way to follow their dreams.

Fortune as Eddie manages to leap from pretentious to self pitying in a heartbeat, pushing Jackie down so he can feel superior, he brings all their warped realities to the surface; battling to not befriend his neighbours as he singles himself and Jackie out as superior creatives makes a wonderful summary of his character. Fortune is simply marvellous with his facial expressions able to convey the slightest annoyance. His attempts to both question and help Jackie provided the platform for him to really shine. Brooks as Jackie provided most of the comedy, with her opening with riding the exercise bike with one leg to exercise only her ‘big leg’ showing exactly how much humour she would bring to the show. She adds a wonderful innocence to an otherwise cynic partnership.

Eddie and Jackie managed to show the wonderful dynamic in a flatmate/crutch friendship. Only by distancing themselves from each other can they succeed, but taking that big step into the world alone, even when it’s to follow your dreams is scary, hence the need for each other. Their relationship had a wonderful Will and Grace feel to it, and both actors played their part beautifully. They cleverly showed how any actor might let the fear of not being good enough get in the way of trying to follow their dreams. Littered with the absurdities of everyday life, Jackie and Eddie was a surprising treat!

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