In The Beginning

Written By John Mc, directed by Rebecca Cope
The Actors' Studio, Seel Street
Write Now Festival Liverpool
Friday 30th March 2012

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

In the blurb to this production, it said In The Beginning would be an irreverent look at Creation, which would prove to be a mite understatement!

It features The Grand Architect (Sean Hutchings) and his partner The Divine Creatrix (Abigail-Law Briggs) as they create new planets, moons, creatures on Earth, and Adam and Eve.

The Divine Creatrix makes the mistake, in the eyes of The Grand Architect, of creating a woman, Eve (Emily Rose Chriscoll), who is different from the man, Adam (Richard Schofield), because of her breasts and vagina.

Silly jokes are made about the large size of Adam's penis, which was childish, but raised the loudest laughs of the evening....oh well.

Nevertheless it was at times a zany production ,which had overtones of vintage Monty Python.

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