I Predicted a Riot

The Lantern Theatre, 57 Blundell Street, L1
15th July 2012

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

On a beautiful, if somewhat rare, summers evening, we headed over to Lantern Theatre for an evening of comedy. The poor turnout was, I assume, down to the weather, people choosing to make the most out of a sunny Sunday than trudging indoors to watch the gig, however even with a small audience, I was glad I had made the effort to head indoors.

Carl Hutchinson was our first act, previewing for Edinburgh, his observations and quick witted humour immediately warmed up the small crowd. He had his work cut out for him having to carry the show with the poor turnout, his job then made harder by more people trickling in throughout his set. Luckily for Hutchinson, he has the confidence and material to rise above the niggles of late comers to put on an amusing show. His observational gags brought the audience round to his way of thinking as he moved around the stage with ease. He cut down an early heckler and got on with the job in hand of making us laugh. Even accidental trips on the stage didnt slight his act, if anything it only made him more appealing. Hutchinson has very likeable personality, combined with an obvious talent for making people laugh means he is a joy to watch.

Alfie Moore commanded a bigger audience and he walked onto the stage in an unassuming way, we waited with baited breath as he started explaining how he found his comedy through his years working as a policeman. At first I was concerned he may have been awkward as he seemed uncomfortable on the stage, but as he found his rhythm the laughs kept coming. The laughing policeman came to life as he joyously told us the highs and lows of being a modern policeman. His act was more intellectual that the previous comedian, choosing to find comedy in history and politics, due to this I think the occasional joke was missed by some of the audience, but he kept it mainstream enough to be well received in general. Anecdotes about his work in the police force got the biggest laughs; a highlight possibly being the story about a severed head that they could not certify as dead, but for me he really shone when finding the comedy and comparisons throughout history, especially the riots of last summer around the country. A few fluffed punch lines showed he is still honing his craft, but still thoroughly enjoyable and an act I would highly recommend.

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