I am a Voice

I am a Voice Theatre Company
Performed by Abby Melia, Dorcas Sebuyange, Michelle Sakim, Nadis Marah and Raven Maguire
Unity Theatre, Hope Place
6th - 7th March 2014

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

I am a Voice Theatre Company aims to raise awareness for women who are mistreated all around the world. Using poetry, spoken word, song and storytelling our eyes are opened to the issues and hardships women from different communities, cultures and countries face on a day to day basis.

The show beautifully demonstrates how abuse, war and violence exists in our everyday lives, and how torturing women, physically, mentally and emotionally has become not only a powerful weapon of war, but an accepted weapon of war. The performers show how these women are living in indescribable fear, and how that fear seals them into a place where it is impossible to speak out and break their silence. The five women on stage were magnificent, each beautiful wound story told with such emotion and passion. It evoked a physical response in me as I felt my eyes tearing. All five women deserve acclaim for their performances.

Using clips of interviews and very cleverly arranged prose, the women on stage more than accomplished their goal of raising awareness. I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck as the women talked, I felt eeriness in the background music, and I felt moved. I think it's easy to not think about the difficulties other women face, but watching their performance brought it crashing home to me that my silence isn't good enough either. It left me wanting to do something and get involved, and surely that is the point of such work? This show needs to be seen by more people all over the country and perhaps even in schools as a very stimulating piece that brings a sensitive and difficult subject out into the open to be discussed.

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