Directed by Deborah Light
Devised with and performed by Rosalind Haf Brooks, Jo Fong and Eddie Ladd
Capstone Theatre
23rd February 2015

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

According to the preamble about this performance it deals with notions of (dis)appearance and (in)visibility. Through layers of of movement, image, sound and text the performers reveal and re-invent themselves.

It is not the way I saw it!

Dressed all in black, and sometimes hooded, throughout the 60 minutes, one could imagine it being related to Islamic State (ISIS), and their abject mistreatment of women, with screams, pain, agony, torment being enacted on the Capstone stage in front of a mainly female audience.

Adding to this conjecture three mounted searchlights were moved around the stage by the three performers on several occasions as if people were being interrogated.

The recorded soundtrack (devised by Sion Orgon) was very pleasing to the ear but should have been more audible. It included birdsong, sounds of crowds, metronomic musical moments (performers moved arms and legs in rhythm to the sounds), classical choral music and avant garde snatches of music.

Before the event, when queuing for my ticket at reception, there were signs stating that 'This performance contains nudity.' The easily shocked would not have attended this type of experimental piece, so why the need for these signs? Thought I would just make this point!

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