Hector (15)

Directed by Jake Gavin
Picturehouse, Liverpool
11th December - 17th December 2015

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Although the film does not feature any form of animation this is a cartoon version what it is like to be homeless.

Hector (Peter Mullan) has been on the streets for 15 years, I repeat 15 years, but the representation of him is that he is reasonably well dressed and fairly healthy, although he does go for a hospital appointment at the beginning of the story.

This is not credible at all. Living homeless for such a long period he would surely be at his wit's end and afflicted with illnesses, physical and mental, not least the lack of decent food inside his body over an eternity of time.

He travels from Scotland to London for his yearly ritual to stay in a homeless shelter over the Christmas period. He gets a series of lifts en route without any hassle. As if that would be the case.

Again the way the homeless people seen in the shelter barely look like they have been stranded on the street for any length of time. Another major blunder by director Jake Gavin.

Some have compared this so-called 'social realist' film with the work of Ken Loach. Do me a favour.

NERVE supports workers struggling for a living wage.

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