Grease Monkey's

Written by James Antonio, directed by Jez Mort
The Actors' Studio, Seel Street
Write Now Festival Liverpool
Saturday 31st March 2012

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This play about the futile hopes of three middle-aged bikers barely spluttered into second gear.

They are all unemployed or even unemployable but nevertheless dream of riding along the famous Route 66 in the USA. We all know it is a pipedream so what was the play trying to say? We all have dreams we will never fulfill? We always delude ourselves? Life is a bitch? No fun being poor therefore your aim for adventure become very restricted?

In the case of these three characters, Dogs (or as his mates affectionately call him, dog's breath) (Kevin Thomas) . halfwit Carl (Derek Lawson) and tough guy and kidnapper! Pete (Alan Mulhall).

They start to quarrel constantly when they become aware of a strange man in a suit, or a pen pushed as they call him (played by Richard Wilkie Riley), who, for some unknown reason, wants to track them down.

The dialogue is mildly amusing at times, particualrly when their pursuit of a glamorous life on the road is downscaled to a bike ride in Wales.

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Comment left by Jane Hornsby on 6th April, 2012 at 23:12
I would just like to say that I disagree highly with what you have said. The Write Now Festival is created to help unknown writers showcase their talents and while the writer of this play may not be a professional playwright I feel that for his first play Grease Monkeys was highly entertaining and well written and he should be recognised for that. The writer of this play has worked tirelessly to perfect it, even getting involved with promotion and designing the logo to bring the play to life, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the other plays shown. The pen pusher’s purpose is clearly explained at the ending of the play, where his pursuit was to join the Grease Monkeys. While the dream of Route 66 may be just that, it adds to the humour of the play and gives the play a reason which is for the audience to follow the characters journey and keep you guessing - do they achieve their dream or not? Grease Monkeys is not just a one off play, it has a lot of potential to continue with the characters being placed in different situations and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I certainly enjoyed it. Many Thanks, Mrs Jane Hornsby

Comment left by Amy H on 6th April, 2012 at 23:15
I am only 23 years old and have no interest in bikers, however i found this play to be very amusing and entertaining. The story and characters kept my attention throughout and i did not find myself distracted or bored. The actors were very convincing and really did the play justice. Overall a very worthy watch. THIS IS ONE NOT TO BE MISSED! :)

Comment left by dean gaga on 6th April, 2012 at 23:38
I am 12 years old and i loved it aswell. Its not about unfulfilled dreams, its about being part of the journey.

Comment left by Anne hirst on 6th April, 2012 at 23:40
The play the Grease Monkeys was a great first time play for the writer James Antonio. I look forward to his next play which I'm sure will not disappoint. I'll book my seat in advance that's for sure.