Gone Girl (18)

Directed by David Fincher
Picturehouse, Liverpool
From 3rd October 2014

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This film, adapted from Gillian Flynn's novel, has caused a minor storm in the media, particularly The Guardian, because of its portrayal of women and the recycling of rape myths.

Apart from this furore I just found the movie ludicrous, lacking any semblance of humanity or compassion and a waste of 150 minutes of my life!

I think a lot of people steaming off about the film miss the point. Director David Fincher has produced a satire with a capital S. What takes place in Gone Girl is not meant to be taken seriously.

He has no reservations, for example, about plagiarising reality TV in all its gruesome and tacky nature, Alfred Hitchcock films and allegories and realities about psychopaths.

He manipulates the audience into becoming indignant about particular characters and scenes in a similar manner to the people portrayed manipulate each other.

In a nutshell Gone Girl is about the disappearance of Amy (Rosamund Pike) after her marriage has hit the rocks with her husband (portrayed by a wooden Ben Affleck). He is suspected of murdering her and the whole of the USA turns against him, except his ginger cat- well it seems like that anyway!

Implausibility then follows implausibility before the film's inane conclusion.

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