God’s Official

Written by Robert Farquhar
The Unity Theatre
27th June – 30th June 2012

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

Gods’ official tells the story of football fans Cliff and Degsy as they seek revenge and retribution after a referee decision relegates their football team. They abduct the referee and as their half wit plan goes awry, their grip on reality slips ever further away. Luckily for the referee, he has his Christian faith to lean upon as his captors struggle to get a grip on the situation.

Written by acclaimed playwright Robert Farquhar, he manages to introduce two likeable characters in Cliff and Degsy. Degsy is played by the talented Derek Barr who captures the desperation in his character from the minute the lights go up, his exasperation as the goal is disallowed is perfectly shown, whilst his despair at his girlfriend leaving him makes the audience immediately see him as a victim of circumstance rather than a proper "baddie". Cliff is played by the wonderful John Mc Grellis who brings to life "Degsys mate". A lovable character who shows his disbelief in what his friend has done, his willingness to go along with the plan, and his failure to stand up for himself makes him completely believable. Mc Grellis has the ability to show a feeling with a smirk or a smile, his face expertly portrays how he feels and due to his wonderful comic timing he had the audience laughing along.

The entire play only uses the three men and three chairs, they use the entire stage as each chair gets thrown about to accompany a new place or situation. The script has a fast paced feel to it, with the cast bounding about the stage full of energy. Barr and Mc Grellis carry the show effortlessly between them, each fully committed to the role they play. The referee is played by David Kennedy Jones, who while he spends much of the play tied up or knocked out, has a beautiful moment with Barr as the two men discuss God and prayer whilst Degsy has a moment of repentance. Overall a brilliant comedy, well written and amusingly played out.

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