Global Studio

Bluecoat Gallery, School Lane
9th April - 20th June 2010

Reviewed by Sebastian Gahan

In its one hundredth year of existence, the Bluecoat has had many notable exhibitions in its premises, and Global Studio has the expanse and variety amongst its pieces to justify being placed amongst the best. Spread across the expanse of the main gallery, the range of work takes in mixed media, canvas, objects, modern art and video installations amongst many others.

If this was smaller gallery, the sheer variety of the work on show would have dwarfed the space it occupied, destroying the considered sense of balance evident throughout, but to its credit works that shouldn't sit together comfortably were as natural together as the proverbial house and flames, but not nearly as destructive. Despite these stark contrasts, darker pieces like Haruka Maeda's 'Heartbeat of Death' sat well and contrasted with the lighter pieces to great effect, whilst the global aspect was heightened tangibly by pieces such as 'Pop Up', by Baptiste Croze, with its interesting pop up shapes cut into various currencies.

Other notable pieces include the endlessly fascinating 'Louisiana Blues, Anywhere' by Richard Proffitt. A mixed media project, it variously includes a sheep skull, blue tack, wood, fabric, twigs, fake fur and a light bulb as parts of its construction. 'Masks Unmasked' is also worth a look for its twenty-eight silkscreen prints of various masks by Wuon-Geon Ho, which individually and collectively represent a great piece of stylistic art.

Given the vast array of work contained in one exhibition, Global Studio has a good mix and there is something for even the most cynical of art lovers and that can only be a good thing in a venue such as this! Recommended.

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