Ghost Stories: a Night Opera

Neil Campbell
St Luke’s Church, Leece Street
16th July 2009

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Not even torrential rain could dull or dampen the seamless, flawless musical passage of equilibrium which composer extraordinaire Neil Campbell brought to St.Luke’s (‘the bombed out church’) last Thursday evening. An intensely atmospheric composition of sound and vision held spellbound a swollen crowd of shower mac-wearing punters who had braved the bucketing weather to experience a modern phenomenon.

Campbell continues his relentlessly inspirational move to recognition as a master of his craft and found target with the exceptional amalgamation of location, classical guitar, visual design and perfectly sublime voice of Anne Taft. Under the umbrella of Campbell’s album Ghost Stories this ‘night opera’ included a soundscape and electronics assembled by Michael Beiert, visual design from Shaun Taft and journeyed the spectator through an installation of ghost stories and sketches and into a looking glass of splendour, which imparted and impressed layers of elegant tranquillity and grace.

This charming opus continues with further performances at the International Guitar Festival on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November at the historic Birkenhead Priory on the Wirral.

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