Gary Delaney Purist Tour 2014

Showing at Unity Theatre
15th April 2014

Reviewed by Jennifer Keegan

Delaney's supporting act was introduced by Delaney himself, introducing Caimh Mc Donnell as the white haired Irish comedian who is just as good as the headline act. Delaney built him up and explained Mc Donnell was only warming up for him so the two friends can tour together (and presumably drink together).

Mc Donnell could not be more different to Delaney, a stream of conscious comedian opposed to Delaney with his one liners; giving the customer more for their money as Delaney kindly pointed out. Mc Donnell was quite simply hilarious! He has the audience eating up every word as they howled with laughter. His smooth delivery showed his natural ability to captivate an audience and I was actually disappointed when his half hour slot was over. I would definitely see him again and almost wished he could carry on instead of the headliner.

Delaney came with high expectations, as a Mock the Week star and writer for Basil Brush no less, I had high hopes. His show was a 'best of' gig as he explained all of the jokes has been told before but he has chosen to run through his favourites. His favourites certainly amused him as he giggled his way through an hour of one liners varying from the witty intelligent jokes to the just plain daft jokes. An hour seemed a long time to be barraged with one liners, but lucky for him, the audience were very receptive and applauded and laughed almost on demand. He is a very skilled one liner comic, not quite to my personal taste by very much to the audiences taste that night, as long after he had left the stage they were still applauding.

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