The Friendship Experiment

Unity Theatre
13th-29th January 2011

Reviewed by Rob Saven

The excitement was electric, the buzz ran through the crowd like a Mexican wave. The intimacy of the Unity is like having a play in your own living room; the audience is more like your family than a load of strangers watching a play.

When Steve and Jeff burst into the room their energy and enthusiasm was contagious. The one liners and jokes cane as fast as Jensen Button on a good day. I had not stopped laughing at the last line when another one liner hit me, or a face pull had me in stitches again. It is a non-stop, side-splitting, belly aching, face hurting, laugh a minute.

From the first one liner about parking in a disabled parking spot, like a scouse Al Pacino, with his chav bingo addicted wife, they go on to plan a stag do in Blackpool (what's described as our very own Las Vegas but smaller and shittier).

Then the one liners about dismembered hitchhiker's bodies in the Travelodge, Triads ninja bollocks and sticky Vicky, had me falling about the aisles laughing my head off. And they go into northern monkeys and grim grey drizzle days of Latvian nymph lap dancers and Hitler running an underwater cheese shop! To say it bounces from one extreme to another is the understatement of the year.

Keep your eyes on these two guys, they are very very funny and very good at what they do (making you forget your worries and problems for a few hours).

So if you're looking to have a good night out with a lifetime of laughs thrown in get down to the Unity and be a part of The Friendship Experiment. And don't forget to bring a friend because it will make you look at your own friendships in your life, have a look at the funny side of bezzy mates, best men at the weddings and all that.

This is improvisation at its best; is it scripted or isn't it? That is the question. The gay sumo, the relentless kicking Jeff gets, then petrol poured over him, the non-stop knobbing about, will have you in stitches from beginning to the end. The Edinburgh Fest mag compared them to the Chuckle Brothers on acid.

Go and see for yourself, you won't regret it.

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