Frida And Me

Liverpool Central Library
26th October 2015 - 3rd January 2016

Reviewed by John Owen

Frida Kahlo’s personality and works are explored in a children’s area of the Central Library. She was a famed Mexican painter, collaborator and equal artistic partner to Diego Riviera who became the last landlord to the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. He spent his last period in the middle of these two greats, in a beautiful house in Coyacan, a small suburb of México City.

Created by the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Mexican state of Guerrero, this interactive display has lots to offer children and parents alike. It includes little houses, a bed, where she painted from a selection of deer, and a host of small creatures on hand to enhance the experience and help you get under the skin of Frida’s world.

50,000 pre-Columbian goddess stone icons, too many for Diego’s sumptuous house, had to be put in a special museum. Her vast collections were donated to the public. including her paintings, only about 140 pieces, compared to the thousands of Diego. All are intensely personal and highly symbolic.

Some of the themes, love, life and death, are explored as part of the Vamos year, to highlight all things Mexican in the city.

Dios de los muertos, Day Of The Dead, or the lantern parade, for those in the Sefton park area, is perhaps familiar to some, but more goodies are to follow.

The kids will love making a skeleton and playing in the little peep zone. A must see for all, not just art historians or Frida buffs.

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