Food, Inc. (PG)

Directed by Robert Kenner
Written by Robert Kenner, Elise Pearlstein and Kim Roberts
Screened at FACT (14th February 2010)

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

George Harrison wrote a song called 'Savoy Truffle' and one line goes "You know that what you eat you are." Well, after watching Food, Inc., we know know that most of you are is corn. That’s what most food consists of – at least in the USA. But I am probably right to believe that the situation is not very different in the UK. Too many farmers produced too much corn. What should we do with it? Put it in food, give it a fancy name and no one will notice. Until now.

This documentary tells you how it is. People like Erich Schlosser (author of 'Fast Food Nation') are interviewed and tell us how the artificially made cookie crumbles. We get to know courageous people who dare to stand up against the food industry and lose their contracts or most of their savings in a court case, because they refuse to use GM seeds.

But Food, Inc. also shows that there is an alternative: Organic farmers who still know all of their chicken and have names for their cows. They make a stand and tell the consumer: if you demand organic, high quality food, we will deliver it.

Despite all the depressing facts, which we know really but try to keep in the back of our minds, Food, Inc. is quite an optimistic film. It shows that you have a choice and that you and your trolley in the supermarket - or even better, your basket in the open air market - can make a difference in the world if you are hungry for change.

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Comment left by Alicia Rose on 12th March, 2010 at 15:43
really great writing Nadia... very pleased you are enjoying being a contributor for Nerve.! x