Focus On Recycling

Red Dot
Liverpool Centre for Arts Development, Brownlow Hill
26th April - 21st May 2010

Reviewed by Nadia Baha

This April and May, Colin Serjent showed an exhibition of photographic prints at the Liverpool Centre for Arts and Development (LCAD). These photographic prints were not just any prints but documents of recycling initiatives that took place in Liverpool. Pictures of recycled materials and lined- up dustbins created a piece of art of their own, forming shapes and spaces of colour.

With 2010 being the year of Health and Wellbeing it is important not to forget the environment. Without a healthy and happy environment there can’t be healthy and happy people. It also makes people aware that recycling is something everyone should and can do. If you can create art with recycled stuff even better.

This little exhibition reminds you that there is art even in the usual, in day to day life – you just have to look out for it.

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