Fin du Monophone

Self Righteous Records

Music review by Amy Scott-Samuel

When glancing over the track list of MeaDraw’s Fin Du Monophone, one might start to wonder if this band are the genuine folk-punk article, and not the toilet wall ramblings of some drunk, dysfunctional emo-rock kid. From the opening, ‘Are We Gonna Die?’ right through to the finale, ‘We’re Not All Gonna Die’, MD convey a strong disposition for the socially inept and the mentally collapsed; for eerie ghost towns, black magic and the ever encroaching Apocalypse.

And yet, should you get your mits on a copy of Fin Du Monophone, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the band’s genuine exuberance, warmth, and positively infectious energy. In fact, MeatDraw do a great job of uplifting, rejuvenating and brightening the heck out of their audience. With a larger than life cast and an unmistakable big band/big sound feel, MD are certainly living up to their moniker as carnival companions.

Just as the musicians of MD are likened to a ‘zombie army of freaks and gypsies’, so too can the host of shifty and menacing undesirables, so deftly depicted in the tales of Fin. Mix this with a heavy dosing of Page France cuteness, a sprinkling of Herman Dune’s Parisien twang, a spattering of The Unicorns indie-pop goodness, and a mickey full of Win Butler vocals. Then chuck in a full bodied chorus of merry singers, punchy show tunes, bleating horns, accordian, ukelele... and voila! You have yourself a most generous and succulent serving of MeatDraw.


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