Dr Strangelove

Written and directed by Stanley Kubrick
St. Luke's Church, Leece Street (4th June 2010)

Reviewed by John Owen

The place was unusually comfortable with grass as my settee for the evening. I'd come down expecting to stand to see the Stanley Kubrick classic cold war manic madness, and be reminded what a waste is war and militarism, and the values behind it, in this brilliant satire.

With an open clear sky and vastly spacious new cinema to enjoy the occasion, and a supply of fresh breezes the most modern venues couldn't offer, the film was great and lived up to the memory of it. As a teenager I'd watched it inside some trendy vicar's CND meeeting in the local church hall, out of which I went back to school and got into trouble for calling the headmaster a warmonger. I digress.

It still has the power - an emotional one at that - to send up the collective efforts of mankind. With the doomsday device set to go off automatically, you can see Terminators plot lifted totally.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done the organisers.

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